Rigging Equipment

You need to be able to choose the right rigging equipment for the right job; for e.g. choosing wire rope rigging for the wrong job, might lead to avoidable accidents at the workplace. So, you need to choose your rigging equipment with a lot of care and forethought. You need to keep the purpose, objective and nature of your job at the back of your mind, before you zero in on the perfect equipment that suits your rigging needs and requirements.

Let’s take a look at 5 tips that will help you do just that:

1. Identify the Purpose

Answer this question first – Why do you need rigging equipment? You must have a very clear idea of the load the equipment needs to bear, which means you can pick equipment that has the right load bearing capacity. The prerequisite for a safe rigging operation is knowledge about the load of the weight and the rigging hardware. If you make a mistake in identifying the nature and weight of the load that you want the rigging to hoist, you are setting the stage for accidents to happen.

2. Rigging By Reputed Manufacturers

One of the reasons for accidents is companies choosing unsafe rigging equipment. This usually happens when they do not buy such equipment from manufacturers who are known for the quality of their rigging equipment and their adherence to only the best testing standards.

3. Picking Rigging Equipment to suit Weather Conditions

There are certain kinds of rigging equipment that cater to certain kinds of weather, especially of the inclement variety. So, if you think the equipment you choose will be subject to extreme weather conditions like minus degree temperature, extreme heat or even wind, you need to choose your rigging accordingly.

4. Cost Perspective

The best equipment that is used for rigging doesn’t come cheap. So, if you have a budget in mind and it’s at the lower end of the scale, you need to very sure that you are able to choose quality equipment within that budget. You cannot compromise the safety of your work place or that of your personnel just so that you can buy affordable rigging.

5. Knowledge is Crucial

In order to pick the safest and the best equipment for the job, you need to have some idea of the choices available on the market. For e.g. you should know the difference between wire rope slings, alloy chain slings, wire ropes, fiber ropes and others.   You can’t make the right choice without having a good idea about the kinds of ropes and/or slings available on the market, their types and the kind of job they are suitable for.

End Words

Understanding the how and why of your rigging equipment is crucial for choosing the right kind of rigging whether its wire rope rigging or something else. Make an effort to understand the kind of rigging equipment available on the market and the various manufacturers that are producing and selling this equipment. The key to choosing proper rigging equipment is doing solid research on your requirements and picking a wire rope or sling on the basis of this research.