Brick-laying robot can build a house four times faster than human workers

Prepare yourself for construction jobs to move along way quicker.

The company Fastbrick Robotics not long ago exposed a robot which could lay over 1,000 bricks per hour. The machine, named the Hadrian X, is capable of constructing a house in just two days — which is 4 times quicker compared to human workers.

Hadrian X essentially is made up of a truck with an extended, 98-foot robotic arm. Initially, it cuts and grinds the bricks before stacking all of them. And then automatically applies an adhesive to make sure the bricks all stick with each other.

The robot utilizes a laser-guided process to find out where to position each brick. Fastbrick Robotics dropped a line on its internet site that it plans on commercializing Hadrian X.

Watch it work: