The New York City (NYC) Department of Buildings (DOB) has come into the arena of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for site safety plans associated with construction jobs in the city. Reported in late April, this particular safety motivation, 3D Site Safety Plans, makes it possible for building contractors on the City’s biggest construction jobs to send interactive 3D images of a project’s needed site safety plan.

Three-dimensional site safety plans make it possible for Department inspectors to look at a virtual, step-by-step visit of how a totally new building or main renovation is going to be constructed, visualize the complexities and issues, and evaluate important safety measures- through the positioning of the crane to the structure of the standpipe system to the setting up the sidewalk shed. This really is anticipated to boost the general safety of the construction procedure while speeding up Department plan approvals.

The very first projects to submit site safety plans in the new system are now being addressed by Turner Construction Company. The jobs are the NYU Langone Medical Center Energy Building and a completely new construction for NYU’s College of Nursing which will provide extended facilities for the College of Dentistry and make space for the new multi-school bioengineering program.

New York is probably the first metropolitan areas in the world to take and evaluate 3D site safety plans for building procedures and approvals. Site safety plans are essential for the City’s biggest construction projects ahead of permits are often issued. Including:

  • the construction of brand new buildings ten stories and higher;
  • gut reconstruction of buildings ten stories and higher that entail mechanical demolition;
  • facade repair of buildings fifteen stories and higher; and
  • buildings having a footprint of 100,000 sq ft or even more.

The 3D site safety plans are set up with BIM software and might be transferred into a secure, shared website exactly where Department plan investigators can evaluate them in an electronic format. Because of the changing conditions on any kind of important construction site, contractors can easily submit changes on their site safety plans, and with the usage of 3D graphics, modified plans could be submitted and approved in a very more well-timed fashion than with using plans on paper.

This picture below was element of an April 23, 2012 demonstration by Christopher Santulli, PE in regards to the Safety Plan Reviews in 3D. The photos show the real difference among 2D and 3D safety plan image.

3D Site Safety Plans and Building Information Modeling (BIM)