Fire safety management training courses

Fire Safety Certification Training Course certifies individuals accountable for the management of fire safety with the simple requirements and knowledge to carry out their purpose within a small to medium sized contraction sites.

Pursuant to The Official Fire Department City of New York (FDNY) Code a fire safety manager will probably be chosen by the owner at every construction site in which the Building Code needs a site safety manager or site safety coordinator pursuant to New York City (NYC) DOB Code. The fire safety manager should certainly carry out the responsibilities and duties set forth in FDNY Code and also this section. The identify and certificate of fitness range of the fire safety manager (as well as any alternate fire safety managers) should be entered in the logbook required by FDNY Code to be preserved at the construction site.

Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Training Courses

Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Course General Provisions

  1. General certification requirements. Construction site fire safety manager training courses should certainly abide the general training classes accreditation processes, standards and requirements established in R113-04.
  2. Trainer requirements. Coaching in construction site fire safety manager training courses will be carried out by individuals with fire code, fire prevention/suppression, construction, and engineering or any other suitable practical experience or knowledge that qualifies them to train the particular training subjects of the training course.

Required Hours and Topics of Instruction for Construction Site Fire Safety Manager

  1. Classes should certainly, at a minimum, provide for a minimum of seven hours of coaching.
  2. Courses shall give instruction in the following topics, and such other subject areas as the Department may every once in awhile specify by published notice to recognized training course providers:
  •  Overview of the Fire Code and Fire Department Rules, which includes their organization and vocabulary.
  • Fire Code construction site provisions (FC Chapter 14 and 3 RCNY Chapter 14).
  • All of construction site fire safety specifications, as established in 3 RCNY 1401-01(c).

Fire Safety Course Administration and Completion

  1. Learners must enroll in construction site fire safety manager training classes to be qualified to take the training course’s final exam.
  2. Students will be permitted two chances to pass the final test. Students who are unsuccessful the final examination on the 2nd try is needed to re-attend the Fire Safety certification training course.