The detailed Construction Site Safety Management Plan/Program document is able to be customized to your particular job; it’s reviewed and changed regularly to mirror the present requirements in the building and construction sector. The Construction Site Safety Management Plan/Program is also known as the Work Health & Safety Management Plan (WHSMP).

Who Is The Site Safety Management Plan For?

The program has been made to assist companies with their OHS overall performance by giving a “standardized” method of building an OHS plan. The program would work for use by Principal Contractors, Sub-contractors and independently employed trades’ persons working within the building and construction field.

What Does The Site Safety Management Plan Comply With?

The SSMP describes the minimum needs for the management of OHS by related organizations and complies with the primary requirements of:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Specification; with guidance for use;
  • NOHSC: 1016 National Standards for Construction Work; and
  • WorkCover WHS regulations 2011 for construction works

What Is The Site Safety Management Plan Suitable For?

The Site Safety Management Plan/Program is suitable for ‘construction works’ and includes any of these:

  1. Excavation works, such as the excavation or ditches, shafts, wells, tunnels and pier holes, and the apply of caissons and cofferdams
  2. Building works, such as construction, renovation, alteration, maintenance, repair and demolition of all of buildings (residential single dwelling, high rise residential developments, medium to high density development, commercial and industrial premises); and
  3. Civil engineering, such as construction, repair maintenance, structural alteration and demolition of for instance, airports, harbors, docks, river and sea defense works, inland waterways, railways, roads and highways, and tunnels, bridges, viaduct, and works associated with the provision of services including communications, sewerage, drainage, water and energy supplies.

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