flagger training


Becoming a DOT certified flagger can be completed in just one day by completing a flagger training course and will open up a lot of job opportunities. Flagger Certification courses are made up of a lecture and an exam and if taken in-person there is usually a hands-on component which will require the student to use some of the gear they may use in a real life situation.

Flagger courses commonly take around 4 hours in order to complete, but in some instances might take as much as 6 hours for a new flagger that has never completed the course before. Particular requirements to work as a professional flagger vary from state to state and flagging duties may also vary from state to state. In other areas, flaggers can be known as traffic controllers, traffic guards or flagmen.

flagger training

Flagger Training

Flagger training really helps to make individuals aware of the potential risks they may face when controlling traffic, what safety gear they should be wearing and how to operate safely and effeciently on the job. A flagging certification is  needed in many states to work as a flagger on construction sites and highways. Flagger training must be provided by a a Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant training provider.



Flagger Certification Course

Flaggers are properly trained on how to effectively shift traffic, get emergency cars or trucks through a work zone safely and how to communicate hazards to other workers on the jobsite. Establishing traffic indicators and barricades correctly is also taught. Another big portion of training will be spent on how to correctly use  the “STOP” and “SLOW” sign which they use on the job.


How Do i get a flagger certification?

individuals looking to become professional flaggers can go about it two different ways. 


Option 1 – Online Flagger Course

  1. Goto flagger.ablesafety.com to sign up
  2. Complete the online training
  3. Pass the final exam

Option 1 – in-person training

1. Goto ablesafety.com and choose a date

2. Create an account and register for the class

3. Attend the 4 hour training course

4. Complete the final exam

flagger training
flagger training