Manufacturing industry, a diverse industry, makes up most of the business-world. This industry has a high proportion of small employers and self-employed workers. Young workers apply for jobs of textile designer, upholsterer, plant operator, machine operator, locksmiths and instrument fitter. These workers are subjected to strenuous physical activities such as pushing and lifting heavy loads. Some of them remain exposed to risks of exposure to combustible materials and harmful radiations.

Research has shown that a considerable amount of employees working in manufacturing industries fall a prey to occupational health hazards and construction accidents. This costs most employers a lot of money. It is hence, required that safety management in these workplaces is prioritized.

Health and safety hazards of working in manufacturing industries

Most employees working in manufacturing industries are susceptible to the following health hazards:

Back pain– A form of musculoskeletal disorder, back pain affects the lower and upper back, shoulders, neck and lower limbs. The manual and repetitive nature of work has resulted in the highest rate of incidence of musculoskeletal disorders in most employees working in manufacturing industries. If it remains untreated, this on-going discomfort can turn into a chronic injury.

Hearing and vision disorders– Most industrial workers are exposed to loud noise, harmful radiations, intense heat and light. These exposures are a regular part of the jobs of most industrial workers. Workers using machinery are particularly vulnerable to such vision and hearing disorders.

Dermatitis– Employees in manufacturing industries encounter skin irritants such as resins, sealants, asphalt, solvents, petrol, diesel, etc. while working. These substances irritate the skin, causing inflammation of skin. This condition is called dermatitis, and affects a large number of manufacturing industry workers.

Other than these health disorders, industrial workers remain subjected to risks of accidents and injuries. These injuries can be prevented by sporting an appropriate construction safety gear.

What factors augment chances of these hazards?

People working in manufacturing industries are most vulnerable to construction injuries and occupational health hazards. Some factors that increase these risks even more are:

Lack of proper supervision– Most construction accidents occur when employees work without proper supervision. Lack of proper inspection of construction machinery and the construction site lead to most of these construction accidents and injuries.

Inexperience– Most young professionals look for good jobs in manufacturing companies. Some of these youngsters are however, inexperienced and lack proper training. Employers should never hire people who do not have a proper training. This can help in mitigating risks of these occupational hazards.

Lack of knowledge about rights– Most employees remain unaware of their rights. They hardly get to know when their safety rights are denied. This leaves them exposed to risks of most occupational hazards.

Construction safety is a prerequisite when you are working in an industrial company. Make it a point to work towards enhancing your knowledge about your safety rights. It is also advisable to exercise caution while dealing with industrial equipment and construction tools. It always helps to inspect your tools in advance, and monitor furnaces for gas leaks. Make it a point to follow proper safety norms and take good care of your health.