ANZI Safety Sign Standard

We confirmed the release of the educative resources on the recent OSHA safety sign standard. Under OSHA’s amended signage specifications for general industry as well as construction, publicized November 6, 2013, institutions are now able to utilize either the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) standard from 1967-1968 (ANSI Z53.1, Z35.1 & Z35.2) or maybe from 2011 (ANSI Z535.1, Z535.2 & Z535.5) for safety signage.

“By adding the Z535 signs to its existing regulations, OSHA has removed a barrier for facilities to begin using the newer signage. Facilities can now move to the latest ANSI design – or maintain old signage – without threat of penalty,” says product marketing specialist for We, Tom Smith.

“There are many benefits to aligning your workplace visuals with the newer Z535 sign criteria,” adds Smith. “By establishing clearer and more uniform signage throughout the U.S., the latest ANSI approach truly moves the industry forward when it comes to workplace safety. To stay informed on these changes and learn more about the benefits of the 2011 ANSI update, we have created a variety of educational materials to read and share throughout your facility.”

ANSI’s 2011 safety signage standard includes current safety data, best procedures as well as information and facts that the earlier standard will not show. The more modern standard stresses more details on hazards as well as how workers must give response to them, along with easily-identifiable graphics to assist the wording and cater to the needs of an growing global and multicultural labor force.