The specifications of NYC DOB Article 19 shall govern the conduct coming from all construction operations regarding the safety of the public and property. To the purposes of ARTICLE 19, construction operations will incorporate erection, excavation, repair, alteration, removal and demolition as associated with buildings.

Construction General Requirements

  1. A contractor involved in building work should certainly initiate and maintain safety measures and gives all equipment or short-term construction necessary to protect all individuals and property affected by such contractor’s procedures.
  2. No device, structure, or construction equipment, regardless of whether permanent or short-term, including all partially or fully completed components or areas of the building, shall be packed in excess of its design total capacity.
  3. At a height of a maximum of 12 feet above ground and on every border of a construction site fronting on a general public thoroughfare, a sign will probably be constructed no more than twenty-five sq. ft. in size which shall bear in text letters a minimum of six inches high, the name, address and contact number of the owner of the exact property, and the name, address and phone number of the general service provider.
  4. A construction site safety coordinator/manager should be designated and present on a construction site according to department regulations and rules.