Are OSHA State and Federal laws causing you problems?

The significance of OSHA construction safety standards might be too much to handle. Our professional knowledge as well as experience at dealing with OSHA and then state-level safety challenges can assist you to prepare for and then meet legal preferences for worker safety. Our qualified professionals are going to review your job-sites to determine circumstances which can be more likely to attract OSHA interest, and function as your own representatives in the course of regulatory inspections. You can easily as well assist you to create your own written safety policies, standards, procedures, as well as training courses according to regulatory needs.

Safety Programs and Site Distinctive Plans

Either it’s the latest safety program you require or simply an update of your present safety program to fulfill latest requirements, Site Safety Management is able to create the program you absolutely need. When creating a health and safety program, our consultants work with your staff members to set up a specialized list of standards, policies and procedures. The possible safety program elements are founded on construction standards from OSHA. In collaboration, the true personalized elements of the program are picked and integrated. Check our safety programs for more info.

OSHA Inspection and Citation Assistance

We are able to assist handle the regulatory assessment process at your job-site.  Our health and safety qualified professionals have many years of practical experience handling these types of scenarios from beginning to casual conference. Post OSHA inspection, you are going to get a safety order package including comprehensive information regarding the auditor’s inspection as well as any citations fines or classifications. It is really your company’s right to ask for a next conference with OSHA known as an informal conference. Our OSHA compliance assistance gives you a chance to help reduce fines as well as reclassify citations.

OSHA Record-keeping and Documentation

Site Safety Management is able to assist your business with being familiar with all of the statutory record-keeping needs recognized by OSHA. When examining an event, occasionally the option regardless if a situation is recordable or not is usually confusing. Additionally, finding out the best way to appropriately finish the OSHA three hundred Log concerning recordable incidents, classifications, calculating days away from work as well as publishing requirements is often complicated. There are also various other record-keeping needs associated with OSHA compliance like the length of time to reach safety documents, health evaluations as well as product data.