OSHA just lately modified its Federal Agency Targeting Inspection Program (FEDTARG) information for fiscal year 2012. FEDTARG blows programmed assessments of federal agency institutions that encountered high numbers of lost time accidental injuries throughout FY 2011.

The directive sets out the methods for carrying out programmed assessments at many of the most dangerous federal workplaces. OSHA will check out all companies reporting a hundred or more lost time scenarios (LTCs) during FY 2011; 50 % of those institutions reporting 50 to 99 LTCs; and 10 % of those confirming 20 to 49 LTCs.

Modifications to this directive incorporate provisions for going over alternate and extra standards for federal agencies, consider some of the equivalent of private sector changes from OSHA standards. Other modifications include clarifications of how OSHA Area Directors figure out the proper number and venue of on-site inspections for institutions with multiple services or functions.

FEDTARG12 carries on OSHA’s nationwide assessment targeting plan for federal work-sites. This method started in 2008 responding to a Government Accountability Office audit report that proposed the agency build a targeted assessment plan for federal workplaces. Executive Order 12196, Occupational Safety and Health Programs for Federal Employees, Paragraph 1-401(i) asks Federal OSHA to “conduct surprise inspections of agency places of work if the Secretary determines required if an agency doesn’t have occupational safety and health committees; or perhaps in a reaction to reports of hazardous or unhealthful working circumstances.”