Marglen Industries, Inc. seems to have been recently specified by OSHA for single strong-willed and just one serious OSHA safety violation right after an employee had 4 fingers amputated while serving a dirt collector’s airlock system at the company’s center in Rome, Georgia.

The willful OSHA violation entails making it possible for workers to carry out service and upkeep on the dirt collector’s airlock device without developing, documenting and making use of a specific lockout/tagout process for de-energizing the system.

The significant OSHA violation entails failing to teach personnel as needed by the company’s lockout/tagout plan to make sure that they are in a position to identify harmful power sources, the type and magnitude of the power existing in the work area, and the techniques required for isolating energy.

“Although the company seems to have a lockout/tagout system, it was actually not applied for this particular machine, causing in significant injury to a worker,” said Andre Richards representative director of OSHA. “It’s the employer’s obligation to make certain that decent safety procedures are adopted at all times.”