OSHA pushes final beryllium rule effective date to May 20

A final rule designed to take care of workers from exposure to beryllium appears to have been deferred a second time.

The rule initially was scheduled to take effect on Jan. 9 but was postponed until March 21. OSHA then moved back the effective date again to May 20, OSHA made the announcement March 21. In spite of this, the compliance dates for the final rule have never changed.

“The announcement follows a White House memorandum, entitled “Regulatory Freeze Pending Review,” issued Jan. 20, 2017, that directed the department to undertake a review of any new or pending regulations and temporarily postpone the date that they would take effect.”, based on OSHA National News Release entitled ‘US Labor Department proposes delay to beryllium rule effective date‘.

Beryllium can certainly create significant health hazards to employees that are exposed, based on OSHA. Exposure can result in chronic beryllium illness as well as lung cancer. The agency released a final rule Jan. 9 that required lower permissible exposure limitations and also specifications for exposure evaluations, respiratory protection as well as other features.