The city is expecting the latest step for the construction industry will assist people feel safer in public areas.

Starting on June 19, the city will be needing protection site safety plans to be published as an element of the process to get a building permit.

Site safety plans needs to be sent in the event an application for construction, demolition, or primary modifications of a facade on buildings 5 storeys or larger is created.

“These plans are intended to increase public safety around construction sites at all times. We have worked closely with the construction industry in Calgary to determine plan requirements and to develop a review process,” said Marco Civitarese, chief building inspector with The City of Calgary. “No construction or demolition should occur until the plan has been approved and posted; this will ensure everyone on the site knows the safety plan and those in the community can feel safe about the construction occurring on that site.”

The City will be needing that drawings be provided and also published on the project before construction or perhaps demolition takes place.

The permit as well as site safety plan needs to be published at the construction area in view of all of the site workers until it will be complete and occupancy has become permitted.

The city is expecting the completely new specification are going to enhance the safety of every Calgarians who come in contact with construction places.