We provide a variety of on-site staffing solutions to fulfill your safety management needs. Regardless if you are an essential multi-billion dollar corporation with a particular need or a small operation with standard needs, we are able to help.

Whatever the demands of your company, we offer long term and short term safety management staffing assistance. We can help an active multi-level safety, health, and environmental department or carry out as your full safety, health, environmental and risk management department.

Why don’t you put a successful, experienced, trained and safety professional who is supported by a team of different experts and professionals to work for you? We are going to do it the most effective way and the correct way.

We have now provided assistance staff to enhance the existing safety, health, and environmental employees for a major U.S. aerospace and defense enterprise. Safety management services include industrial hygiene support, safety consultant and management, and implementation, environmental program development, technical assistance, training, and regulatory reporting.

Safety Managers Services include safety and health plan development, site inspections, training, safety committee facilitation and help with OSHA and also MSHA rules. This is a long-term contract well into its 3rd year of service.

For 2 separate, medium-size 2nd tier auto parts manufacturers, we supplied an onsite safety management resource as they simply were in a transition period of time among safety managers. Our employees assisted in the recruiting and selection process of the completely new site safety manager. Then we supported the client’s completely new manager as a result of their orientation process and are still available on an as-needed schedule.

For a main electrical contractor, you can expect on-site construction safety management assist on a much talked about large construction job. Our services include training, site safety auditing, performing job hazard analysis, incident investigation, and recordkeeping and reporting.

For a small PVC pipe producer, we provided coaching, mentoring, and professional development for an employee who believed safety responsibility with no proper education or previous backdrop in occupational safety and health.

For a small construction contractor, we created and continue to cope with their occupational safety and health program. Obligations include site audits, OSHA recordkeeping, safety training, and other safety duties as required.