A fire safety plan is built to give occupant safety in case of fire, and to guarantee proper utilization of the fire safety elements of the building.

Fire safety plans are simply just EFFECTIVE if management know the plan and implements the program with building occupants.

What exactly happens in your building if the fire alarm sounds?

The straightforward response to this query in most buildings is NOTHING. The majority of people usually do not respond to fire alarms. However, you could possibly ask another individual what to do, or contact building security and ask that troublesome question…’what should I do or why is the alarm sounding… and the dumbest of all… is this a true fire.’

If the fire safety plan is applied and occupants well informed, trained, and complete evacuation fire drills are organized at least every 1 year then some of these queries and concerns are going to be clarified.

Fire Safety Plans – Fire Safety Manager

As your fire safety manager, We create and keep at the construction site an accepted pre-fire plan, turning it into readily available for evaluation by any representative of the department. The division is advised of any modifications in site conditions materially having an influence on the procedures set up in such plan.