Comply with the safety training specifications of OSHA and OHS effectively and affordable with custom-built as well as extensive compliance solutions.

32-Hour Erector/Dismantler Supported Scaffold Certification Training Course

Scaffolding is traditionally used throughout construction and remodeling activities. In its most basic form, a scaffold is almost any short-term elevated or suspended platform employed… Read more about 32-Hour Erector/Dismantler Supported Scaffold Certification Training Course.

32 hour Suspended Scaffold Training – Scaffolding Certification Course

Rigging Rule has generally required that the Licensed Rigger or his Designated Rigging Foreman supervise all of suspended scaffolding operations. At the time of April 1, 2008 new Rigging Foreman requires… Read more about 32 hour Suspended Scaffold Training – Scaffolding Certification Course.

16 hour Suspended Scaffolding Training Course

New York City (NYC) Rigging Rule 9 makes it necessary that employees on a suspended scaffold have at least 16 hours of scaffold training. This safety training includes classroom training on local rules, good rigging procedures… Read more about 16 hour Suspended Scaffolding Training Course.

4 hour Supported Scaffold Training – Scaffolding Course

The 4 Hour Supported Scaffold Training is a Department of Buildings (DOB) authorized safety training course and is meant for any individual who seem to use supported scaffold associated with a height… Read more about 4 hour Supported Scaffold Training – Scaffolding Course.

4 hour Hand Signal Course

Material Handling is often a process or procedure exactly where cranes or any other material handling equipment shift hefty loads by lifting them to the specified place. Even though this job appears easy, the rigger… Read more about 4 hour Hand Signal Course.

Asbestos Awareness Training Class

Up till recently, there has been almost no high quality-based Asbestos training course available. Asbestos Awareness Certification Training is an important component of OHS law for individuals doing work with… Read more about Asbestos Awareness Training Class.

Certified Flagger Training Course – Flagging Certification

Flaggers obtain the most volume of contacts together with the public out of all highway individuals. Flaggers are the most noticeable people on the crew. Certified flaggers are the very first representation… Read more about Certified Flagger Training Course – Flagging Certification.

CIC Crane Rigging Safety Training Course

Seminar Training, On-Site Training, or Train-The-Trainer – We provides the most detailed Crane Institute of America Certification’s (CIC) Crane Rigging Safety Training Course in industry… Read more about CIC Crane Rigging Safety Training Course.

Concrete Safety Manager Training Course

The Department of Buildings (DOB) requires a Concrete Safety Manager for being present on all construction sites certainly where a minimum of 2,000 cubic yards of concrete is going to be applied… Read more about Concrete Safety Manager Training Course.

Confined Space Awareness Training Course

The Confined Space Awareness training course is ideal for supervising, design and administration personnel who are not personally stepping into confined spaces, but are accountable for… Read more about Confined Space Awareness Training Course.

Fall Protection Training Course

Almost 20 percent coming from all lost time accidental injuries might be associated with falls at work. The vast majority of falls take place on the same stage, while additional involve falls to a lower level… Read more about Fall Protection Training Course.

Fire Safety Manager Training – Fire Safety Course

Where a Site Safety Coordinator or Site Safety Manager is needed by the Building Code, the property owner shall employ an individual to function as the Fire Safety Manager for the construction site… Read more about Fire Safety Manager Training – Fire Safety Course.

First Aid/CPR/AED Training Course

American Red Cross First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training course are made to allow you to learn and remember beneficial lifesaving knowledge and skills… Read more about First Aid/CPR/AED Training Course.

Forklift Training Course

Forklift safety training course helps sensitize the participant with adequate for optimum operation of your truck and how through your application, you can enhance the competitiveness of their organization… Read more about Forklift Training Course.

Hazard Awareness Training Course

In case you are in charge of the management and/or operation of offshore and onshore installations or procedure, our Hazard Awareness Training course will assist you to understand the outcomes of loss of containment and… Read more about Hazard Awareness Training Course.

40-hour Site Safety Manager Course – Safety Manager Training

This NYC DOB 40-hour Site Safety Manager Certification training course was created for the competent and knowledgeable construction industry workers trying to get the Site Safety Manager license or joining with the NYC DOB as… Read more about 40-hour Site Safety Manager Course – Safety Manager Training.

7-hour Site Safety Manager Orientation Course

This NYC DOB 7-hour Site Safety Manager training course is a refresher for the persons certified by NYC DOB as being the Site Safety Coordinators, Safety Managers or Registered Construction Superintendents… Read more about 7-hour Site Safety Manager Orientation Course.

OSHA 10 Hour Training Class

This safety training is going to take at least 10 hours to accomplish, which is restricted by OSHA to an optimum of 7 1/2 hours of coaching every day. Our standard two-day handling format is going to be 7 hours on the very first day and then… Read more about OSHA 10 Hour Training Class.

OSHA 30 Hour Training – OSHA Safety Certification Course

The OSHA Training Program is OSHA’s major method to train employees in the fundamentals of occupational safety and health. OSHA 30 Hour Training Programs were aim to help companies in training and… Read more about OSHA 30 Hour Training – OSHA Safety Certification Course.

OSHA HAZWOPER Certification Training Courses

We provide safety training classes that could be tailored to your particular requirements. For those who have a group of 6 or even more individuals, contact us to get a no obligation proposal. In many instances we are able to save your… Read more about OSHA HAZWOPER Certification Training Courses.

OSHA Respiratory Protection Program – Training Course

This section requires the workplace to build up and put into action an itemized Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) respiratory protection program with essential worksite-specific processes and components for… Read more about OSHA Respiratory Protection Program – Training Course.