Scaffolding is traditionally used throughout construction and remodeling activities. In its most basic form, a scaffold is almost any short-term elevated or suspended platform employed to support individuals and/or components. There are lots of kinds of scaffolds, both suspended and supported.

“Supported scaffold” will probably be considered a number platforms sustained by brackets, outrigger beams, legs, poles, posts, prights, frames, or equivalent firm support 40 feet in height or even more and such as, but not restricted to, single pole scaffolds, sidewalk bridge scaffolds, tube and coupler scaffolds, fabricated structure scaffolds, outrigger scaffolds, tubular welded frame scaffolds, mobile scaffolds, needle beam scaffolds, mast climber scaffolds, repair bracket scaffolds which have been mechanized or motorized, back components for workers hoists and/or material hoists and system scaffolds.

32 hour Erector/Dismantler Supported Scaffold Certification Training Course

32-Hour Erector/Dismantler Supported Scaffold Safety Certification Training Course is in compliance with all the training needs of Subchapter 2 of chapter 1 of title 26 of NY administrative code. The 32-hour supported scaffold safety training course is usually presented in four, eight-hour class periods.