The Department of Buildings (DOB) requires a Concrete Safety Manager for being present on all construction sites certainly where a minimum of 2,000 cubic yards of concrete is going to be applied beginning January 1, 2009. Concrete Safety Manager must be fully registered with the DOB and have their name on the permit application.

As Nov.1, 2009, nobody shall carry out the duties of a Concrete Safety Manager without having to be registered with the NYC DOB. *Concrete Safety Managers need to finish a 30- hour concrete safety manager training course before they can register with the NYC DOB. We are a NYC DOB approved training provider of the required 30-Hour Concrete Safety Manager Training Course. For your convenience, safety training programs are scheduled with both morning and evening sessions available.

As Concrete Safety Manager

  • Once designated, Concrete Safety Managers must be present to supervise all the concrete operation.
  • A Concrete Safety Manager can only be responsible for one site at a time.
  • A Concrete Safety Manager must coordinate directly with the Site Safety Manager on record for that project
  • A Concrete Safety Manager must have 5 years of experience in concrete operations.