Certified Flagger Training Course - Flagging Certification

Flagging Certification

Flaggers are sometimes considered the most important workers on a job site. Their job is to keep the public, fellow employees, and themselves safe from hazards that may arise on the job. This is why there is a flagger training requirement that requires individuals who wish to become flaggers to complete a DOT compliant flagger course and to receive a flagging certification.

The flagging certification course offers all the basic information as well as the specifics that flaggers must know to work on a jobsite. After completing the course students will be required to take a flagger certification exam (passing written examination with 80% or much better). On Completion of the course and exam each student will receive a certificate and a wallet I.D card.

Online Flagger

The work zone flagging certification course online is designated towards individuals seeking to become certified flaggers.  This online flagger course was created to properly train workers associated with routine construction jobs where the general public and/or personnel might be subjected to possible workplace hazards due to equipment and vehicles. This online course guarantees a comprehensive explanation of New York State flagging procedures and regulations.


Flagger Course Outline

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Safety

Safety Precautions

Sign Preparation and Placement

Flagging Signals

Pedestrian Safety

Escape Routes and Buffer Space

Flagging at Night Time