Forklift safety training course helps sensitize the participant with adequate for optimum operation of your truck and how through your application, you can enhance the competitiveness of their organization principles and techniques, radically improving SAFETY HANDLING, DELIVERY, QUALITY AND COST materials and products handled.

Recipients of the forklift certification training course: Users forklift Departments Warehouse, Production, Transportation, Quality and Maintenance, Monitoring Jobs.

OSHA Forklift Training Course Introduction

With OSHA forklift training course you will learn to perform installations of lifts, riding the various mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical parts thereof. Interpreting drawings, diagrams and technical documentation and regulations; launching and passenger lifts and checking the operation and correcting possible defects and verifying the operational process according to established standards of safety and quality. The training course you are interested in will be sent to a maximum of 24 to 48 hours after formalizing their enrollment.

Who should attend Forklift Training Class

Aimed at those who wish to join with guarantees of a future to work, or update their professional knowledge.