The OSHA 10-hour Construction industry training is designed for entry-level construction personnel.

This training program is going to:

  • Give workers with information about how to recognize, trim down, prevent, and also avoid job-related dangers on a construction site.
  • Educate workers regarding their rights as well as their employer’s obligations, and then enlighten the best way to file a complaint with OSHA.
  • Handle various construction safety and health potential issues which an employee may possibly experience at a construction site.

How long is this training course?

This safety training is going to take at least 10 hours to accomplish, which is restricted by OSHA to an optimum of 7 1/2 hours of coaching every day. Our standard two-day handling format is going to be 7 hours on the very first day and then 3 hours on the next day.

Exactly what topics will this training include?

The OSHA 10-hour Construction classroom course will give you the following issues:

  • Intro to OSHA
  • Fall Protection
  • Electrocution
  • Struck-by Hazards
  • Caught-in and even Between Hazards
  • General Construction Requirements
  • Personal Protective as well as Life-Saving Equipment
  • Health Hazards in Construction
  • Materials Handling, Storage, Use as well as Disposal
  • Varieties of Scaffolds
  • Scaffold Potential issues
  • Scaffold Safety measures
  • Forms of Stairways or Ladders
  • Stairway as well as Ladder Dangers
  • Using Stairways or Ladders Safely

What exactly is OSHA Outreach Training program?

The OSHA Outreach Training Course is meant for employees covered under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act). The OSH Act handles private-sector employers as well as their workers in the fifty states as well as particular territories or jurisdictions under federal authority. Because of this, OSHA Outreach Training Course instructional classes needs to be available only in training carried out within OSHA’s jurisdiction.

Although the OSHA Outreach Training Course class is voluntary and even is not going to meet the training needs found in any OSHA standard, many states as well as local jurisdictions enjoy enforced legal guidelines mandating outreach training program. Furthermore, many companies, unions, as well as many other jurisdictions even require workers to possess this training course to work on job sites in order to accomplish their very own safety training objectives.

Ways I can take this training program?

Presently, Site Safety Management’s instructors are mainly certified for classroom delivery of OSHA 10 hour training course. Seminar training session comes available both by means of open enrollment as well as by companies hosting their very own on-site training.

It is possible to request a quote to surely have on-site training session carried out at your local area. Employer hosted on-site training session topics can be personalized within the processes built by OSHA.

Is this training course OSHA recognized?

Site Safety Management trainers are certified by OSHA to carry out this training program and so participants get DOL provided student training course accomplishment cards. The OSHA Outreach Training Course is actually not a certification training course. Outreach Training Course trainers, students, as well as curriculum is not certified. OSHA never really acknowledges instructors and training courses.

After successfully accomplishing this training program, learners will get a downloadable OSHA completion card (within twenty-four hours) and will be delivered training completion card (allow three to four weeks for card shipping and delivery).