This is an OSHA 10-hour construction certification course conducted over two days. You must attend both days to receive an OSHA card. OSHA now requires a minimum of two day’s training.

Completely new….Flexible Training-Now you are able to sign up for the 2 part OSHA 10 training although you may miss part 2 you possibly can make it up at another session!

This OSHA safety training class is ideal for construction workers, job supervisors, foreman, and anyone working in the construction industry. OSHA suggests Outreach Training Program courses being an orientation to occupational safety and health for employees protected by OSHA. You will get an OSHA 10 card by mail in approximately 2-3 weeks, and may ask for a temporary OSHA 10 card at the completion of your training.

OSHA 10-Hour Construction Certification Training Class

Our instructors all OSHA authorized and knowledgeable safety professionals. This OSHA 10 hour construction class also comes in English & Spanish. Other languages are offered upon request. If you would like your OSHA Card enroll in this “Open to The Public” course. Registration is offered online. It’s fast and simple. Just key in your fundamental personal information (name, address, etc) and mode of payment. You can sign up to 10 additional students (guests) conveniently. Just type in their names and e-mail address. No additional work is necessary. You’ll be aware of the total cost for you and your visitors. When you are done, it is possible to print out your tickets if you’d prefer. No special ID is required for OSHA training class.