Able Safety Consulting strives to deliver high quality and cost effective site safety manager services to our customers. Our number one priority is to supply you with the best qualified safety personnel at our disposal that will keep your job safe and up to code while making projects more productive by eliminating delays cause by accidents, injuries and enforcement.


Site Safety Management

Able Safety has a full team of safety managers and personnel that will meet any need you may have. Our staff includes NYC Certified site safety managers/coordinators, concrete safety managers, construction site fire safety managers, Construction health and safety technicians (CHST), Certified safety professionals (CSP), Site safety representatives (MTA, DEP, SCA, Etc..), and Quality assurance/control personnel.

There are 3 different types of certified individuals that may monitor major construction sites as required by the Department of buildings; Site Safety Manager, Site Safety Coordinator, and Construction Superintendent. The proper placement for each is as follows:



Site Safety Manager

A certified Site Safety Manager is required to oversee safety on construction sites which contain buildings that are 15 stories or higher in NYC.

Site Safety Coordinator

A certified site safety coordinator is required to oversee safety on construction sites which contain buildings up to 14 stories high in NYC.

Construction Superintendent

A registered construction superintendent is required to oversee safety on construction sites containing buildings up to 9 stories in NYC.


Other Safety Managers often required on construction sites:


Concrete Safety Manager

Concrete safety managers registered with the department of buildings are required on all major buildings projects that involve the placement of 2,000 cubic yards or more of concrete.

Construction Site Fire Safety Manager

Licensed Fire Safety Managers are required whenever a site safety manager/coordinator is required by the Department of Buildings Building code. The code states that owners shall designate a person to be the fire safety manager for the construction site. This person must possess a certificate of fitness as a construction site fire safety manager. The fire safety manager may be the site safety manager or site safety coordinator as required by the building code, except that a separate fire safety manager shall be designated for a building under construction when such building reaches a height of twenty stories or more than 250 feet, has a lot coverage of 200,000 square feet or greater, or as other prescribed by rule.

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