It is necessary that a Site Safety Representative be picked if there are actually usually twenty or more personnel on a site.

A Site Safety Representative should stand for all personnel on a site regardless of whom their direct companies are. The main responsibility holder associated the Site Safety Representative is definitely the PSCS (Project Supervisor Construction Stage), however sub-contractors and others also have duties.

Site Safety Representative

Employees elect the Site Safety Representative (anytime after site launch). The site Safety Representative ought to be constantly in place at the very first possible time. All employees on a site, regardless of direct employer, possess a vote in the selection process.

The PSCS must assist in the promoting of the function and purpose of the Site Safety Representative, and co-ordinate with building contractors the informing of the function to all employees on site.

After the advising of the function and purpose of the Site Safety Representative is finish the Project Supervisor Construction Stage must look for volunteers for that position.

The PSCS shall take the appropriate steps to inform all individuals on a site of the identity of the Site Safety Representative pursuing the selection process. Employees arriving on a site after the selection process also need to be well-advised of the name of the Site Safety Representative. (Our recommendation is that the name of the chosen Site Safety Representative is enclosed in site inductions during the Health & Safety Plan, it is actually further recommended to ask the Site Safety Representative to go to the start or end of an induction to introduce themselves to new workers and describe the Site Safety Representative function and purpose on the site).

At any phase of the election-selection procedure the ICTU/CIF Safety Representative Facilitator is available and may even be got into contact with for help.