Hitting a spot of ice and even skidding off the road could potentially cause any of us to get some panic attack. Now think about being behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler tugging not just one, but a couple of trailers, and then jackknifing at a steep angle. Would you still have the ability to continue your cool?

A driver of a FedEx truck in California managed the situation like a boss which was captured on camera. The truck jackknifed at the high point of the snowy mountain cross Interstate 80 close to Floriston, near the Nevada edge, on Thursday morning.

“When the driver had lost it at the top of the hill, he had broke the air lines to his rear trailer,” posted California Highway Patrol -Truckee on Facebook. “This caused the brakes on the rear trailer to lock up.”

The big vehicle obligated a heavy duty tow truck which had been about an hour or so away. “The driver realized he is likely to make it down regardless of his air lines is broken as well as the trailer brakes locked up.” CHP halted the traffic and then escorted the truck while it slid, or drifted, down the road to the next shoulder spot. This area was a safer place for the truck to wait around for a tow. Officers in this area often assist stranded motorist because of the frosty conditions of the road, however this was a job that actually stunned them. “I cannot believe that worked,” may be heard over the radio as soon as the truck comes to a stop.