Site Safety Manager - Construction Safety Training

Site Safety Manager is Important for Construction Sites

The majority of University divisions have employed a Departmental Safety Manager to do something being a liaison between the department and Environment, Health and Safety. In most educational divisions, the department manager has brought on this purpose.

Safety Managers Responsibilities – Educational Divisions

The Safety Manager has an obligation for oversight of health and safety inside the department and is a primary contact for staff, faculty and students to handle health and safety problems or worries. The Safety Manager works together with faculty, management and supervisory personnel within the department to distinguish potential dangers regarding their operations and activities. The primary goal is to clearly recognize and understand safety responsibilities, and providing the means and authority essential to accomplish those responsibilities.

Safety Managers Responsibilities – Various Department

In many departments, the Safety Manager has constructed a safety committee, composed of representatives from a cross-section of the department. The safety panel may assist the Safety Manager in establishing and applying action intends to address health and safety concerns.