Everyone’s been aware of OSHA and also everyone knows the price they are required to pay for non-compliance. Regardless, a lot of us continue being careless for a surprise inspection. In the event you haven’t been recently checked by OSHA at this point or perhaps not right now at least, then you definitely have to be careful.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when being subjected to a surprise OSHA inspection:

  1. First of all, never ever make the OSHA inspectors wait. This really is most likely the most awful thing you are able to do as it demonstrates that you are not prepared. Absolutely nothing you can do in the last minute can certainly make any difference. Therefore, pay attention to your inspectors right away.
  2. You need to be open and also honest with your inspectors. Covering things away won’t help , since you’ll sooner or later be caught.
  3. Don’t seize your workers with you on an inspection. Your inspector really wants to observe how things operate in your company. A lot of inspectors employ cameras and also videotapes in the course of an inspection.
  4. Get ready to respond to any kind of question. Be sure you have all the data constantly in place, particularly those that define your safety plans.
  5. Consistently motivate your workers to have a discussion with the inspectors. In any other case, then the inspectors will certainly approach them anyway. Often times, inspectors get workers their business cards so they are able to contact them.
  6. Never ever lie to your inspectors. This could certainly anger them.
  7. Don’t reduce your thoughts to standards. Take into consideration all the potential issues at your workplace. The inspectors are always going to investigate for hazards; not for regular violations.
  8. Keep all your training program documents in place. Your inspectors might want to examine them. When you have any Hispanic workers working in you, be sure you have documentation expressing which they comprehended the training course appropriately.
  9. Assign an adult and accountable individual to talk with the inspectors. Be certain that the person is very well prepared. The person doesn’t need to be a safety manager.
  10. Take a look at the Field Operations Manual for Inspectors. Even though it is for inspectors, it is possible to download it at no cost online. It will help you get ready for an inspection.