Recently a newspaper picture acquired a company into problems with OSHA. At this point, concern about such like taking place cost several workers a week at work. A newspaper snapped their particular photo as they simply dangling their legs on the side of an I-beam, taking lunch and enjoying a ball game.

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette just lately leaped a front-page picture of the personnel at a construction project viewing a minor league baseball game.

The image is similar to a vintage 1932 photo taken by Charles Ebbets featuring 11 men on a beam 69 stories on top of the streets of New York, having their lunch.

Nothing like getting the picture in the local newspaper, right?
Unless the picture shows you breaking an OSHA regulation, plus your employer sees it.

Currently, the guys have been suspended from their jobs for just a week.
The situation: The employees were sitting inside a guardrail with their legs hanging over the edge seemed to be an OSHA violation.

Guaranteed these folks were on their lunch time, however they remained on the construction site. OSHA regulations still implement, even though they’re off the clock.

Construction site superintendent Randy Vondron said due to the violation of a safety guideline, action needed to be taken. He explained he’d no clue the employees were having their lunches and watching the baseball game until eventually he saw the picture. He admits that he’s concerned the organization could be penalized.